Expanding Small Business

Our client’s small fashion and design business was really starting to take off, which offers to carry her products in many foreign markets, and many opportunities to participate in trade shows and exhibitions. She needed to be able to describe her story (both professionally and personally), describe her many products, and where her company would go in the future (both in size, direction, and product line)



This client’s specific goals made our work very easy. We helped her develop the language of her story: Who she is, where she came from, why she started her business, and what her business means to her.


“I had always wanted to have my own business…”

“I am from a small town outside of Riga…”

“I have always loved fashion and design and really believed I could bring something original to the market…”


The descriptions of her products focused on materials and methods.


“We have products in a variety of sizes and colors….”

“We offer several options…”

“Our products are all made locally…”

“Our products are eco-friendly…”

“We only use the best fabrics…”

“We specialize in…”


The description of our client’s future plans relied heavily on business vocabulary, with a focus on describing trends, and establishing ways to set them.


“Since our founding we have grown…”

“Since the 2nd quarter of this year, sales have increased by…”

“With continued market support, we will be able to…”

“By 2019, we project sales will be…”

“Based on previous years, we know that…”


While our client had always focused on being the faceless person behind her brand, she is now front and center, and able to handle any sales / promotion / or customer interaction that comes her way.