Global Family Day – 1st January

Global Family Day is celebrated each year on 1st January, but since it is something that evolved almost spontaneously, it is hard to pin down its actual origins.

Active form:

  • Subject + Verb + Object =
     “WE celebrate Global family Day on 1st January”


Passive form:

  • Object + TO BE + 3rd form =
     “Global Family Day IS CELEBRATED on 1st January”


Passive form is used when the object of the sentence is more important that the object performing this action. This action is performed “BY SOMEONE”, but this information is not as important as the result of the action. The form of “to be” shows if this is present, past, or future. As a rule, Holidays ARE celebrated on a specific day, so we use simple present. Here are some other ways to use this form:


  • Past“The meeting WAS HELD last Tuesday”
  • Present“Salaries ARE PAID on the 1st day of the month”
  • Future“We just received your order [active sentence]. The package WILL BE SENT on the 23rd [Passive]”
  • Present Perfect: “January 1st HAS always + BEEN + REGARDED as a day of new beginnings”


Traditionally 1st January has always been regarded as a day of new beginnings.

to be REGARDED as = adjective; to be normally thought of as xyz
 “Jani is regarded as the most traditional of Latvian holidays”
“Family is usually regarded as the most important thing in a person’s life”

New Year Resolutions have customarily been made that generally involve some effort to modify behaviour and lead a better life.


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