Why learn with William Jones language consultants?

The primary focus of the William Jones language learning process is an exciting, natural communication with a consultant who speaks their native language – English. Communication is about real everyday situations that are important and relevant to the client.

We base our learning process on an individual approach to the client – companies/businesses and individuals. For individual training we develop an individualized program that focuses on the client’s objectives, such as learning the language at a certain level, preparing for an exam or preparing for a job interview. For companies we develop a business skills-oriented English language training project which focuses on the specific language needs of the employees.

William Jones Center employs professional English language consultants from England(United Kingdom), USA and Canada, so our clients are able to develop smooth, fluent, and modern language usage, while being exposed to varied pronunciations and becoming familiar with current expressions.

A bit more about William Jones

Individual Courses

Our curriculum will be adapted to your needs and will help prepare you for a specific projects and ...

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Group Courses

The friendly and exciting atmosphere will encourage you to communicate and improve your English in this ...

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English for Businesses

We offer a unique opportunity to have the language needs of your company evaluated and the course built ...

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Online Courses - Webinars

Online classes enable the development of English language skills at a convenient time and place - at home ...

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Summer Camps for Children

It is very easy to learn a new language while playing and exploring the world.

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Skype Lessons

Skype lessons allow you to be active and free. You can improve your English at any time during the day ...

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