Our curriculum will be adapted to your needs and will help prepare you for specific projects and refresh your knowledge. It is an interesting journey in the world of English.

Individual tuition or classes “one to one” with a language consultant have several advantages. The instructor can very accurately adjust the course to the specific needs of the client – the necessary topics, vocabulary, phrases, grammar structures exactly for you, which can be used in real life situations. It is an opportunity to speak as much as possible and learn in a comfortable manner. It is an opportunity to adapt the teaching pace of new topics exactly for you, as well as to choose the most efficient time schedule for you. It is exciting, interesting, and useful.

Individual classes will help you prepare for a particular project, presentation, job interview, public speaking, or simply refresh necessary language skills. We offer exactly what is needed for you to achieve results.


Your Benefits:


Language learning programme developed for you

based on your goals, the initial level of linguistic abilities, and your preferred type of instruction.


You will be managing all the grammar rules

you need to know for successful communication in English according to your language skill level.


A broad and relevant vocabulary will be at your disposal

which will allow you to talk about topical issues and feel confident expressing your views


A language consultants whose native language is English and is interested in your achievements


An account in the bitrix24 system that will allow you to easily manage all training material


Achieve satisfaction with your results

Contact us about the available individual training times, by filling in the form, writing to info@wjones.lv or calling +371 20112482. If we need more than one business day to reply, you will receive a 10% discount.

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