About William Jones Language Center

Courses at William Jones Language center:

  • new, exciting opportunities;
  • comfortable and modern premises;
  • innovative approach to English language learning.

Our language centre is proud of our language consultants from Canada, Great Britain, and the United States, for whom English is their mother tongue. Therefore, our clients can better experience up-to-date expressions, sentence structures and words, as well as get to know pronunciation nuances for people from various English speaking countries.

Your life and your challenges are our textbook. It is important for us to understand what should be given more attention in your language learning process. Let’s find topics you are interested in and talk about things that you enjoy.


Our Mission and Values

Our Goal

To ensure that everything you learn at William Jones Language Centre is useful in your daily life and the language learning process is straightforward and modern.

Our Mission

Acquire new knowledge in an inspiring environment which provides personal and professional growth.

Our Values

William Jones Language Centre’s core values are knowledge and professionalism. We are open, creative, and interested in learning. We respect our clients and partners their values treat every person while appreciating their uniqueness.

Our Instructors

Kyle Vesterdahl

Learning with Kyle is easy and straightforward, while also valuable. Born and raised in the United States, he has traveled around a wide variety of European countries. Kyle has lived in Germany, where he learned the German language, and in Bosnia, where he had his first English language teaching professional experience. He has been living in Riga for three years. He is convinced that English language teaching offers almost everything you could hope for from your profession.

Simon Mills

Born and raised in a small, picturesque town in Wales. He possesses an adventurous spirit that always leads him to strive towards new goals. He has worked in England, Wales, and Los Angeles, as well as a wonderful time spent in Riga. He can help you view the British Islands with a new perspective and help you build business-specific experience in Latvia.

Geoff Thorpe

A Canadian who has moved to Europe, Geoff has also lived in the Netherlands and Germany. He is very interested in Riga - art galleries, brunches, home-grown products, and Latvian beer. Geoff is also a big fan of the baseball team the Toronto 'Blue Jays'. Geoff has been teaching English for more than twelve years.

Tim Smyth

He loves Riga and being an English instructor. He values discussions with learners and manages training in a way that opens up new perspectives and enriches the language used by students. Born and raised in Chicago, Tim still often discusses the times when he was contemplating about, and working towards, the need improve US hospitals.

Ted Liapman

Having  lived in Riga for a number of years, Ted has developed a fondness for  Latvia, its customs, and its wide selection of draft beers. The majority of Ted's daily life is spent balancing his obligations as a university student with his duties teaching English. That being said, he is unlikely to pass on an opportunity to engage in sightseeing  and meaningful chatter regarding, but not limited to, the nuances of the English language.

Alexandre Sanseverino

French, young and full of energy. Having traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe, he decided to settle and live in Latvia with which he fell madly in love in order to teach his native language and fulfill his dream ... that of having an American Ranch that he has started to build in Talsi.


Lane loves teaching students of all ages and making the learning process personalized to their hobbies, career, and lifestyle. She moved to Latvia right before the Corona pandemic of 2020 and is learning to speak Latvian so she can communicate with her new in-laws. Previously, Lane lived in the USA where she received a Bachelors in Biology. She has teaching experience as an Adjunct Professor, a genetics teaching assistant, and as an ESL instructor for refugees and immigrants. In her free time, she enjoys baking jalapeño cheese bread and running in the woods.


Lija was born and raised in the USA, but grew up in a Latvian environment, which inspired her to live in Latvia. She has more than three years of teaching experience and will engage students with everything from fun, everyday conversations to deep, meaningful discussions. Lija likes to travel, meet new people and actively relax in nature.

Our Clients Include