Our language consultants employ effective learning tools through which the company’s investment in their employees’ English training will be efficient. Our individual training programs are focused on the development of language skills which correspond to the daily operational needs of the company. In the course of the training program both language learning for communication and learning based on the needs of the company will be included.  Also, useful skills such as sales, creating presentations, writing e-mails, reaching out to new customers, managing negotiations, etc. have been integrated in our programs.

Our program will help the leaders of any company to improve or it can ensure the necessary language skills of their employees. The Centre’s language consultants will assess your employees’ language knowledge and usage levels. Also, we will assess the English language needs of the company in attaining specific work goals. After we determine your specific needs we will develop a program in order to strengthen those necessary skills.

According to your needs, we can offer individual training, group courses and Skype sessions, as well as “learning by doing” –  we write e-mails, make phone calls in realistic work situations, organize meetings, discussions, etc.. Learning can happen both in our comfortable William Jones Centre office or on-site in the company.

Your Benefits


Learning with a language consultant whose native language is English

Learning with a language consultant from the US, Canada, and Great Britain, you will gain confidence in understanding different accents, pronunciation of words, and expressions.


Individually developed programs that match your business needs

Well have developed programmes for sales, negotiation management, presentations, as well as a variety of other skills in English.


Effective use of time

Your account in the Bitrix24 system will allow you or your employees to easily manage all training materials, follow the training calendar, and communicate with your language consultants.

Contact us and tell us about your company by filling in the questionnaire, writing to info@wjones.lv or calling 20 112 482. If the reply takes us more than one business day, you will receive a 10% discount.

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