Private language training

William Jones Center employs professional English language consultants from England(United Kingdom), USA and Canada for teaching English, and France for teaching French.

The structure of classes

  1. 35% vocabulary and fluency
  2. 25% grammatical structures
  3. 25% language
  4. 15% writing skills

Study fee for online classes:

– class 45 min. 28.00 Eur,  now 25.00 Eur
– class 60 min. 32.00 Eur, now 27.00 Eur

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Your Benefits


Language consultants who are interested in your accomplishments

A professional English language consultant from the US, Canada or the UK, for whom English is the native language, will work with you.


You will acquire an ever increasing understanding of the English language

You will have access to vocabulary that will allow you to talk about important everyday topics, and you will be working with all of the necessary grammar for successful communication in English.


Effective use of time

An account in the bitrix24 system will allow you to easily manage all training materials, follow the training calendar, and communicate with our language consultants.


You will improve skills which are necessary for everyone

You will be able to successfully communicate in English


You will receive a William Jones Language Center certificate on the acquired language skills


You will achieve enjoyment with the learning process and satisfaction with the outcome

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