The Power of Positive Language



Our client had recently retired, wanting instead to spend his time helping Latvian businesses find investors, both domestically and internationally. He felt confident in approaching his fellow Latvians, as well as those in the area, but was really hoping to interest some Western EU states, as well as tap into the American Investor market.




We devised a series of topics, aimed at highlighting the very best of Latvia with an eye on existing properties, businesses, and industries that would only grow in the future . We focused on positive language, avoiding interruptions, and offering constant solutions.


“Have you considered…?”

“Have you ever wanted to…?”

“…That is something that Latvia would be the perfect partner for!”

“I don’t think you’re seeing the benefits…”


We then focused on correcting false, misleading, or inflammatory statements or stereotypes of Latvian culture and society. We gave our client reasons why investing in Latvia wouldn’t work.


Our student then had to politely correct our information without being confrontational.


“That interesting, where did you hear that?”

“That’s a common misconception…”

“There’s some truth to that, but what you’re not seeing is…”

“That may have been the case in the past, however…”

“This is something I love to clarify…”




Our student learned the art of spinning negative information, and further learned to remain calm in the face of criticism and negative information. We further learned to quickly point to the benefits of Latvian culture and industry, citing specific examples that set Latvia apart from its competitors.