Entrepreneur Ready for Europe


Our client is a professional photographer, whose business has grown and succeeded beyond what they initially thought possible, resulting in many offers and enquiries from not only within the country, but now within the EU, making English now a necessity in a variety of areas. These issues were compounded by our student’s unease and lack of confidence with the language, as well as a very real need to review some basic rules of grammar.



Before launching into our three-step approach with the client, we developed her grammatical skills and fluency in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We did not compound her struggles by immediately focusing on work-related vocabulary and accurate grammar usage, but eased her into the process by focusing on topics and themes that our client was interested in. This built her confidence, and we supported these conversations with grammar improvement. Once we saw real improvement in her fluency and confidence, we were able to launch into our three-step approach.

First, our client needed the skills to negotiate and explain her methods to English-speaking clients. We reviewed the vocabulary and techniques or negotiation, putting emphasis on her qualifications, and past successes. We focused this portion of the course on applying monetary terms to what is usually a creative endeavor, and she drastically improved her ability to sell herself and her skills to foreign clients.


Second, our client needed the language of the actual photoshoot. We reviewed the language of posing, expression, and most importantly: question formation and suggestion forms. This client needed to possess the language to ensure that she was getting the shot that not only she required, but which she had already discussed and negotiated with the client.


The third and final portion of this course was centered on travel, accommodations, and tourism. Our client would be staying in foreign cities, and in various hotels. We reviewed the language of making complaints, asking for directions, and managing transactions in a foreign language.



Our client became more comfortable with her language, making her job easier, and increasing her already phenomenal success. The client has received more opportunities, and has expanded their business as a result.

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